5 Happening Trends of Blogging in 2020


A blog is a medium for people sharing some information details. It starts from a personal blog discussing some kinds of perspective topics and different views. Attention and public interest are always fluctuating. It makes the blogger be a writer of the blog to understand the trend today. A blogger needs to know the trending and happening trend. These are some trends in blogging this year.

A Long Content 

Conveying information must be information and qualified to make the readers read your blog. The long article is identical to the complete information. At least, it consists of 1.000 to 7.000 words making the visitors interested in reading your article. In this way, your blog post becomes a mini e-book for the blog’s readers. If the readers have recognized your blog, you will get help with the written article. The readers will visit your blog again to get the other information details. But, this long article is useless if the conveyed topic is not well arranged. The article content must be organized well, relevant, and beneficial for the readers.

Making a Blog Consistent 

You surely want to get stable website traffic. The stable traffic and even increasing are surely useful to the existence of your blog. In blogging, keeping the stability of traffic is important. You should keep the engagement to the blog’s readers to maintain its stability by updating the blog pots consistently and routinely.

Making a Blog Consistently 

Making a Blog Consistent

Blog Marketing 

Writing articles with a great theme is a great step to do. But, this article is needed to be more familiar to make your website traffic stable or increasing. Social media platforms can be a tool to market your blog. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. By often posting your article on social media platforms, it is attaching the readers’ attention to read your article directly. Even, you can use paid advertisements on Instagram to let the public know your interesting websites. Then, they will click a website link and read the articles. You can also focus the audience on seeing your website advertisements. The target of the audience is essential to make a deal with the content of your blog or website.

Video Contents 

Don’t misunderstand about the video content. It is also important in blogging. The videos will help you to attract more readers to visit your blog. The used videos are showing a highlight of the information explained details through articles. It is right when you try to combine videos and sentences in blog content. It is making it look interesting. The video contents of the blog can give the highlight of information briefly and understandable.

Video Contents 

Video Contents

Mini Blog Will Be Popular 

Despite having long content, short content can be explored this year. There will be many readers of the blog having no much time to read long content. They prefer reading short content. The short content or mini blog tends to be absorbed by the public. Many people usually read the content at a glance while doing their other activities. For the mini blog content, it should consist of 300 to 1.000 words with a fast explanation.

Those trends of blogging this year must be understood before you make your blog. You can find writing ideas and determine the design of your blog to get more viewers.