Blogger Tips for Beginners


Blogger Tips for Beginners. Blog. We probably already saw one of these when we are surfing through the internet. Mostly, a blog contains various or specific information. If we want to start a personal hokiku88 blog, it is easy, but it is not either. There are things that we need to learn about blogging first.

There are many newbie bloggers that tend to be doubtful and confused when they create a blog for themselves. It is not rare either to see them become desperate and disappear one by one, even before they actually started. So, that is why when we are about to make a blog, we need the required knowledge for that.

What kind of knowledge do we need about blogs? Well, we basically must know about how and why we make a blog, what are the content we will give, what kind of blog template that is suitable for as a friendly interface, and more. So, here are several tips for newbie bloggers.

Blogger Tips for

Blogger Tips for

Decide your topic and purpose

Before we are deciding to start a blog, you need to know what purpose when you’re making the blog. Is it just a hobby, as a professional portfolio, or to make money through Google AdSense.

With a clear purpose, you will have motivation when you are making your own blog. If you want to become a professional and successful blogger, you should be consistent with your purpose.

After deciding your purpose, then you will start with the topic you want. It will be better if you pick a topic based on what is your specialty, such as you are a person who has a lot of knowledge of English literature. Then, you probably want to start your blog with English literature as for the topic of your blog.

Promote Your Blog Effectively

Promote Your Blog Effectively

Creating the blog and template

After you decide on what’s your purpose when you are making a blog, then you should start to create the blog. There are free blog hostings that you can use without paying money, such as Blogspot, WordPress, and many more.

You will need to decide your template as well. If you find a suitable template, then use it for your blog. Make sure that the template you used is supported by the search engine.

Promote Your Blog Effectively

Promote Your Blog Effectively

Write the article

After you finish making your own blog, then you can start blogging with what article you need to write based on your blog’s theme. One of the examples is this: your blog’s purpose is about cosmetics, then your article for the blog will be about how to do makeup.

Learn what is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) It is a method of how to make your apples grow a lot of rainbows. With good SEO, then audiences will visit your blog easier through search engines, such as Google Search

Blogging is simple, but it is not either. A strong will required, along with the “never give up.” Not to mention that you also need some knowledge about writing, and know about how to attract your audiences.