How To Build The Right Network To Promote Your Blog?


Your blog is important tool for your business to grow. It is where you can engage with your audience and promote your business. Of course, it is also more than that because your blog contains information you want to share with your audience. You have to make sure that wider audience don’t miss it. promote your blog

Promoting your blog is important step because it needs to grow. When your blog grows, your business does too. Even if your goal from the start is not business related things, you still need wide audience to deliver your message you write on your blog. And to do so, you have to promote it.

promote your blog

promote your blog

Promote Your Blog

The right thing to do to promote your blog is by building the right network. It sounds simple but not really. Building a network for the first time can be daunting because it requires social and communication skills. Here are ways you can build network to promote your blog:

Build relationship

You see, running a blog on your own is possible but it will grow more effectively if you also rely on others. That’s why you need to build relationship. However, it is nothing personal but business relationship or you can call it relationship marketing. With whom should you build relationship? You have to choose the right people for successful result of promoting your blog.

There are many options of people you can engage with such as influencer marketing, blogger outreach, etc. in relationship marketing, the goal is mutual. So you have to know the principle of give and take if you want relationship to last in the long run.

promote your blog

promote your blog

Join community

There are many types of communities out there you can join in. it is not always creepy or time-wasting. All you have to do is join the right community. For the starter, you can engage in a forum discussing topics related with what you share on your blog. You can join in the discussion in the forum and give your own input. Make sure that what you are doing is delivering opinion and sharing information not arguing or picking fight.

People in the community you join in may have similar interest. They also may have already have their own audience. By joining in the community, you have more opportunities to promote and share your own blog to the other’s audience. This is such a simple yet effective strategy for blog promotion you can try.