Let’s Create an Interesting Blog’s Article Title by Mixing with Various Elements


Let’s Create an Interesting Blog’s Article Title by Mixing with Various Elements. Sometimes, when making an article title, we like the confusion of how the right words are equivalent to being able to make a striking sentence. Actually, the title also has several elements that can help us make it interesting. And when we can string it well, of course, the sentence that flicked on the first impression will appear. Here are the elements in the title:


Many people make a title just as simple as making the main topic they write it the title. Though the title and topic are something different.

The topic content is broader while the title content is more specific. And the title is a topic added to various sentences that support to be able to become a sentence that can tempt people to want to read it but still has a meaning behind it.

Putting the topic in the title is also an important thing to put in the title. Because then readers know what they are going to read.

Actually, there are many topics that can be discussed in an article. But maybe topics that can arouse people’s tastes are relevant and what they like. And topics that are usually liked are related to trends or moments that are being discussed. For example about the Presidential Election, fashion, health, and love. To find out the topic that is being discussed by the public, maybe we can also look for the topic from social media.

Let's Create an

Let’s Create an Interesting Blog


By writing the format in the article title, people will be able to expect what type of content they will visit. And this is important in the title, so they can get the specific type of content they want. Some types of formats that often attract public interest include tips, quizzes, and listicles.


What would make someone want to read an article? Of course, because they want to get the benefits of what they have read. And if possible, that can make their lives better. The benefits sought by the community itself can vary. For example entertainment, education, or inspiration.

And by presenting a promise, it is the same as giving our prospective readers the benefits of what we promised them when reading related articles.

The existence of benefits in the title, of course, can provide something that people want to look for and the promise can provide a surprise for the audience when they have finished reading the articles we make.

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Interesting Blog


Emotion in the title can be adjectives or emotions that relate to the main topic that we present. And the title that can evoke feelings is the title of the most sought after by the public.

To be able to arouse the emotions of the reader maybe when making a title we can make it with sentences that are superlative.

And the sentences that can be like, “How beautiful, Surprising” and so forth. In addition, emotions that are liked by the public are those that are surprising, intriguing, increase confidence and empathy.

Let's Create an

Let’s Create an Interesting Blog


Writing specific information on a topic can be a way to make an interesting title. Not only from the information provided, but in the title, we can also include specifications from our target audience. Because of course before making an article we already imagined who would read our content. And by including these specifications, we can make the articles that we have made more targeted.

Maybe not all the elements above need to be included when we are creating an article title of our blog. But we can apply 2 or 3 or 4 elements.