Making Money through Blogging


Making Money through Blogging. A blog is like an online journal or diary put on the website. It contains text, videos, images, animated GIFs, or any scans of hard copy documents. A blog can be used as a personal or group use to share information and updates for people on the internet. In this modern world, you can use blogging to make money online You can do it from home, there is no specific time, and there’s also no limit on the income. To make money online, you need to have some strategy. It is not as easy as you think, but if you put in a lot of effort, you will be rewarded. Here are the methods you need to know and apply in your blogging.

Put Google AdSense on your Blog

Making money from your blog can be acquired by putting Google Adsense. This method is a good start to earn money from monetizing your blog. This is an easy thing to do, you just need to include a script from Google, put it on your website, and begin showing ads. The money will come to you when someone visits your website and clicks on the ads.

Making Money through

google adsense

Be an Influencer

Sometimes, people make a blog because they prefer to say something in the written text rather than in spoken form. However, some bloggers also have good speaking skills. This can be your chance to turn yourself to be an influencer. By promoting your brand or your content in a blog, you will get more followers. It gives a high chance to get people visiting your blog. Networking and public speaking is the key to make you have the opportunities. Earning money as a paid public speaker can be accomplished by being an expert in your field, being consistent with what you do, letting people know that you can be reached anytime and be patient.

Making Money through


Utilize Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be done by endorsing a service or product to your reader by clicking on the link, then you will get a referral commission from it. The first thing to do to be able to start affiliate marketing is by looking for the best product or service your readers may be interested in. It also depends on the content of your blog. You need to find the product and service that are related to your content. After you select the products, you have to apply the plugin to handle your affiliate marketing link so the reader can easily find it.

Making Money through

affiliate marketing

Earning Money By Writing a Review

Writing reviews on your website can also help you make some money. In this case, you have to try out the service or product first and make a review about it. The product will be sent freely but you will earn money from the review you write in your blog. The most important thing is that the review should be telling people that the product is good. In other words, you write an article to make the audience interested in the product.