Social Media Networks to Promote Your Blog


Promoting blog through social networks is one of the most effective ways. Social media is varied now that you have options of which to choose that suits your style. It is a great place for promoting because they have potential engagement for many things.


Most of people who are familiar with modern devices have social media accounts so they stay up to date to the thing happens in their surroundings locally and globally. Some social networks have global audience so it has wider range you can take advantage of to promote your blog

Here are some social networks you can use to promote your blog:

Facebook – this is one of the biggest social media platforms today as it has about 1.5 billion active users worldwide. It means there a re large audience you can engage with. It is said that Facebook is now the most popular social networking site with large audience diversity. Through Facebook, you can share information about everything. Sharing links and information regarding to your blog is also a piece of cake. Facebook is also user-friendly and can be accessed through PC and mobile devices.


LinkedIn – This is also popular social networking site especially for business. It has about 500 million users worldwide. You can build business relationship with influential people through LinkedIn. This is a great site that has been long used as a business networking site. If your blog aim for business goals, you can use LinkedIn to connect with people relevant to your business.

Google+ – This is also a great place for networking. You can promote your blog here and try building mutual relationship with others. If you have Google account, optimize it by using this Google+ to promote your blog. This platform features large images as well as short snippets which allow followers to skim through while they are on their own profiles. Google+ provide easy interface and to allow share, like, or comment on posts of a blog. This is also a great site because you can reach global audience. There is no limit of you can reach your blog through Google +.

It is essential to choose the right networking site and not only choose the most popular one. Choose the one that fits your goals of your posts or business. This way, you can have more opportunities for successful result. If you have not yet familiar with how to use the social networking site, you can start learning it.