What Is Blogging?


What Is Blogging?. Blogging is a personal note on the internet. It has many up to date information telling the chronology of the events. It can make a blog identical with a dairy book of the writers in which it is changing continuously based n the writers’ mood. However, many bloggers are more focusing on one discussion topic only such as a writer fulfilling the blog with review content. Blogging is an online journal having many information details in which the writers can give the latest post on the top of the page. The blog is usually managed by some small groups of users or personal.

Benefits of Blogs 

A blog, of course, has many benefits and functions. Those are depending on the makers and writers of the blogs. The target of the readers is also influencing the benefits of the blog. What are the benefits?

  • Increasing the quality and quantity of writing competence
  • Developing your passion for writing
  • Sharing ideas to others
  • Improving your creativity and critical mind
  • Earning much more money

Those are some clear benefits of having a blog or blogging. You can manage your blog if you feel that your passion is there.

What Is Blogging?

What Is Blogging?

Blogging Tips for Beginners

If you want to do blogging, you should obey the following blogging tips. The tips are specifically aimed at beginners.

  • Don’t Make an Article with Careless Topic

Many beginners force themselves in writing articles in which they have not mastered it well. For example, a blogger made a blog yesterday, but he has written an article with an AdSense topic. It is an inappropriate topic because he doesn’t master it well. You shouldn’t force yourself in a new and careless topic that you don’t master it yet.

  • Making a Blog to be An Information Provider

You need to build a blog like that. It is a way to attract more readers to visit your blog. You should provide content or complete articles than other blogs. Don’t make low-quality articles because it is difficult to compete on the first page on the search engine.

What Is Blogging?

What Is Blogging?

  • Using Hypnotizing Keyword

It becomes another way to attract more readers to visit your blog. If your blog seeds the first page of Google with a keyword of blogging, it is surely so much fun. It will be a satisfaction for bloggers. To reach the first page, you must use the hypnotizing keyword. For example, you can make a unique keyword.

What Is Blogging?

What Is Blogging?

  • No Copy and Paste

The next blogging tips are preventing copy and paste activities. It is not banned from making copy-paste articles. However, a blogger only sees two realities in which those are successful and unsuccessful bloggers. The successful blogger makes organic and quality articles. The unsuccessful one has great articles but the quality is copy-paste.

  • Sharing Something Free to Your Visitors

You should remember a hypnotizing keyword. You should give something free to your readers to make them visit your blog often. If you are lucky, the readers will share, like, or follow your social media account. Sometimes, they will subscribe to your blog though you don’t ask them.